Fringenuity Lives for Comic-Con


Fringenuity is alive and well. Though no longer urgent, now fans can relax and just enjoy the time we have left with this extraordinary show and its wonderful cast. Tweet your love just before the Fringe Comic-Con panel today at 12:30pm EST with #TheyAreComing and during the panel at 1:00pm EST with #InWymanWeTrust.

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Bonus Video //

While John, Josh, Anna, and Lance insist that they're happy to be allowed to finish the story of Fringe and that season five was like a stay of execution, there's no way there won't be tears on the last day of filming this beautiful work of art. You only have to watch some interview, or the show itself, to realize they really care for each other and love working together. If they didn't, Fringe never would have come together so well.


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