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Here we go again. I was just sitting at the computer, minding my own business, trying to work, and my brain flashed random clips at me from things I watched years ago, sometimes just once. Seems to happen mostly while I'm working, so either a voice I hear or a word I'm typing will trigger it. Very distracting.

Bram & Alice: The show was certainly not the greatest, but it had Alfred Molina and Traylor Howard (Monk), so it was at least worth trying. I do remember liking it. I couldn't find any clips, so here's a fan video focusing on the assistant, Paul.

Since there were no clips of Bram & Alice, here's a bit of Ladies Man instead.

Powder: Didn't even see this movie all the way through and, since I'm actually writing this a few days after I thought of it, I don't even remember which scene.

Jeremy Renner: Wow, I got completely sidetracked with everything. Next up was Jeremy Renner and the Avengers cast interview where he said "Yeah, it broke my heart," in response to the question "Did you get injured during filming?" I just kept thinking, "Awwwww." He quickly brushed that off with, "No. I stretched a lot." That response was rattling around in my head for quite a while and wondered if there were any similar. Found it in a short piece about a real-life bomb disposal expert, where he said the suicide vest scene made him cry. Again, "Awwwww." Of course, you have to have an easily accessible heart if you're as excellent and natural an actor as Renner. Reminds me of the little entry I made for the Coulson Lives Project.

A Single Man: I didn't even finish this, but I want to. I was watching on Cox's OnDemand channel but I had to pause. I didn't get back to it. Then a while later, a couple weeks maybe, it was gone when I went to find it again.

And that led to The King's Speech, because of the wonderful Colin Firth.

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Later, while I was typing something about bacteria, Michael Caine came up in Swarm. Watched it once in science class in 8th grade. That was 1993. Haven't seen it on TV since.

Renner traipsed through again because Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English decided to make an appearance. I recently bought Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, because this wonderfully suspenseful, action-packed, and delightful movie is a must own. Almost a week after I watched it again, the hilarious fast and frenetic/slow and determined chase scene across the rooftops in Johnny English Reborn popped into my head. (Yeah, my brain is on a time delay.) I remembered that I thought Tom Cruise seems to be a bad influence on one of my favorite stars. The July 6 Entertainment Weekly had a quote from Bourne Legacy stuntman Dan Bradley, who mentioned that Renner did most of his own stunts. Is he taking after Cruise in Ghost Protocol? Which was filmed first? I assume GP, because it was released first, but that's not always the case. Awesome, but careful! Jeremy, you don't need to hurt yourself for us. You don't want to be Jackie Chan, breaking almost every bone. Emotional scars are more than enough. ;) And watch out for bullshit like this!

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Just typing things about biochemistry and then Nell appeared, speaking gibberish and pounding on my keyboard. Proof that I will watch Liam Neeson in anything...many times. But if I ever watch it again I'll only be able to think of poor Natasha and heartbroken Liam.

Ahh, finally, a word that I actually typed! Equilibrium. Love this movie.

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Seriously? Seriously. Big Fish now.

Oh, and The Men Who Stare at Goats. I was all ready to hate it because everyone else seemed to. For some reason I had a different experience. I laughed quite a bit and ended up with quite a fondness for it.

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And then Shutter Island. So creepy. So good. So sad. The first movie to make me realize that DiCaprio is a great actor. Like everyone else, I'd seen him in a number of movies over the years, but it never clicked until this and then the next week I was blown away by him again when I went to Inception.

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Okay, that's it. Time to get back to your life now. Shoo!

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