Thank You MOG, Bleep You Ping


The first thing I must say is a big FUCK YOU I LOVE YOU to MOG. I used to be there so much after Lala, the only music site that was ever worth loving, died at the hands of Apple. Then they took away customization and I drifted to other sites. I was always planning on going back, because I liked the playlists and blogging, but it didn't happen until they started giving away a certain amount of free music per month this year. Well, I was going to make Tom Hiddleston's playlist there last week, because I'd done so at Spotify and was working on a number of others. I tried it and it turned out my account was deleted still there without so much as a warning to upgrade before it happened, and I didn't see any options for a new free account. Anything I'd shared and all my playlists, which took a damn long time, were gone just hidden from me. I only had to email them. Turns out you need to sign in every 30 days or you get suspended.

As for Ping, I never used it before because Apple swallowed Lala whole. I was going to post that Ping was great for making a playlist, because it's fast and easy and has just about every song I've searched for. But then you get to the fact that they say "click publish when you're done" instead of "click publish to save your progress, because if you do anything else it will fuck up." I put a CD in to rip, it backed me out of the playlist, and 40 songs disappeared. Nice. You know, iTunes, I only put up with you because I have an iPad and iPod.

If you just want me to tell you which site you should spend your money on, or no money at all, I would say Spotify. You get a free account and commercials or you can pay.

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