Random Movie (and TV) Thoughts Time


I have too many of these moments.

War at Home. Only watched this once, but I guess it stuck with me, because something just flickered through my mind today. It wasn't this scene, but this is a good one...

...which I somehow mixed up with In the Gloaming. The only thing I remembered was Christopher Reeve directed it. And I didn't remember that Robert Sean Leonard was in this, and every time I see him I first thing I think of is incredibly moving and Emmy worthy performance in the House episode "Wilson's Heart."

So, that led to Noises Off, because of Christopher Reeve. Hilarious movie filled with great actors, but now every time I see Reeve and Ritter in this it's a bit depressing.

Then Christopher Reeve again (with Michael Caine!) in Deathtrap, which I barely recall. Time to buy some movies.

Later I somehow got to Thief. Yup a show that lasted only six episodes got mixed in with all the movies. It was riveting, though.

A while after that I was thinking of Bedknobs & Broomsticks.

Then came Time After Time.

Okay, brain, it's time to rest now. No more of this nonsense.


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