Perfect Lines ~ 1st Music Edition


There's a lot of music that I love...and TV, movies, and books. I usually share my favorite lines when recommending music, in hopes that others will go, "Ooh, that's a great line. Maybe I'll give it a shot." So, why not do a quick post when I'm in the mood? Maybe this will be a series. Maybe I'll do it just once. I'm forgetful. ;)

There is a design, an alignment, a cry of my heart to see the beauty of love as it was made to be.

$17.59 @ J&R

There's no reason not to get Spotify. It handily beats other music sites as a downloadable player that lets you listen to your personal collection or anything in their catalog (free and ad-supported or paid), and it doesn't take up much bandwidth or system resources. I have an 8 year old PC, but it hasn't skipped or frozen once in all the months I've used it. It only lacks some community features, but you can follow people (me!) and recommend songs. I have loved only Lala before, but I'm very fond of Spotify.


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