From Pure Luck to Dinosaurs


It's like my brain is bored while I'm working and goes off to have some fun. Very distracting.

Pure Luck
is hardly ever on. How can you not love Martin Short?

When's the last time any channel played Delirious? The late '90s?

Can't see John Candy without thinking of a certain bare-assed bear in The Great Outdoors.

I always forget I like So I Married an Axe Murderer, but I watch it whenever it's on.

There's just something about What About Bob? It must be Bill Murray. ;)

The last time I saw Harry and the Hendersons was probably even before Delirious. I found an old home-recorded VHS of it last year and was so excited. Unfortunately, it looked like complete crap (washed out, scratched to hell) and I could only see a few minutes before it cut out completely.

Bonus Video //

I didn't think about it, but I saw Dinosaurs when I was searching for Harry and the Hendersons.

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