Perfect Lines ~ 2nd Music Edition


While this city pumps its aching heart
For one more drop of blood
We work our fingers down to dust
And we wait for kingdom come

This is only my second post in this series, so I thought I would go with lyrics that are more familiar to me, but I've been playing this song a lot lately...and I do mean a lot. Never heard a single thing by The Gaslight Anthem before "Mae." I don't even know how I found it. Must have been in Spotify's "What's New" section.

What is it about this song? It's that lyric. It's the beauty of the music. (Both which are requirements for all the music I love.) It's the slight roughness of Brian Fallon's Springsteen-esque voice. I'm not even a Springsteen girl, though I may be one day, since I absolutely adore "Radio Nowhere." And I'm sure a Gaslight Anthem fan now because of "Mae" and a few other selections on their newest album "Handwritten." Unnecessary purchases are on hold for now, but I should get both of them next time I'm shopping for music, and Keane, too, since I've played their latest more times than I care to admit. Addicted.

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Deluxe CD, $15.99 @ J&R


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