Perfect Lines ~ 3rd Music Edition


Lovers need a place to rest their head
As a broken promise returns too late
Another sunset meets an argument
Take me to the place of broken dreams
Where your hope deserted or showed up late
And tore apart the love we might have made

Nothing (Bonus Track) by Darren Hayes on Grooveshark

Darren Hayes has been a favorite for a long time, but his latest album, "Secret Codes and Battleships," is already my most played. As such, I couldn't pick between the two lines. Both are beautifully depressing in their phrasing and imagery.

Bonus Tracks CD, $17.20
Regular CD, $10.90

So, DeepDiscount links seem to have an invisible box around the pictures that make this look like blech. I would have used fye, but there were no pics or info, or J&R, but it's not available. Anyway, the bonus tracks CD is the one you want. It has "Nothing" on it and six others.


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