Fringe's Turning Point


Well, it's finally almost time again for Fringe. They weren't on last week and, in truth, I wish they had more time off so the end wouldn't be so near. They're coming back with what I've read is a tear-jerker in "The Bullet That Saved the World."

As has been the usual since sometime late last winter or maybe early spring, I am going to be tweeting with a Fringenuity hashtag. The one for Friday, October 26 is #TurningPoint. Normally I participate in only the tweeting, lately scheduling them beforehand to not get distracted during the show. For this episode I actually made an icon instead of downloading one, because I didn't want to change from my current: a Fringe-inspired knife. All I had to do was add some words.

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Here are a few of my previous tweets to serve as examples.


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