The Crack and the Dandelion


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I forgot to change my Twitter icon for tonight's Fringe appreciation campaign, because this week was crazy hectic. Still is, but I have to take the time for my beloved Fringe. But where the heck are they? Oh, there they are, buried in a comment below the Fringenuity post

This will be the one I use. I thought I would have to do this myself. Glad I can save time. It's almost exactly what I wanted, a shot of Walter in the cab during the most emotional scene of the entire series. That's a huge feat, because there have been countless such moments in Fringe, but this tops them all. Yes, even better than "Snakehead," where Walter is crying on a bench and you just want to give him a big hug and take him home, the entirety of the devastating "Peter," or Walter's vulnerability and defiance in the face of torture in this last season premiere, "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11." It's the combination of the desolation, loneliness, and defeat turned on its head with the right song (because it's always been "a story of love") and a glimmer of hope, a single flower that found the crack in this darkness.


Tonight's hashtag is #AnotherWay, if you somehow didn't see it in the picture above, and you can start using it at 8pm EST. Only nice tweets to John Noble, Joshua Jackson, Joel Wyman, Michael Cerveris and Fox please. We don't need any haters. Fringe is already ending, so what's the point? These are good people who made an incredible show, became friends, and are now about to part. It's an emotional time. Don't you have shows you love? Go tell them en masse and make sure they stay on air to get the ending you think they deserve, as we did.


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