Where is Kacsa96?


Thanks, Tumblr. I can't leave a message in someone's "Ask" box with a link. So, I'm doing it here instead, since this is my main site, and I ran out of room trying to break up the url into readable pieces.

Jasika Nicole is looking for someone who sent her a "really important and beautiful piece of fan mail recently." I happened to come across it on Twitter this morning and felt like trying to help, so I spent the last hour finding just about nothing.

Edit 10/7/12:
Everything below can be ignored because I think I found kacsa randomly while going through a few Fringe tweets at a stupid early time in the morning when I should be sleeping. He has the same first name, a very similar username, lives in the correct country, and mentions Jasika in his profile. And, oops, he already knows. Well, time to get to bed then.


Alrighty, before I give up completely and go back to work (which I'm really not liking today), I have two sites that probably won't be helpful, but I still hope. Kacsa96 doesn't seem to have much of a presence online, unless he uses different names. I only found profiles at Starity.hu and Tinrandi.hu. To actually read these just copy and paste into a Google search and click on "translate." You'll most likely have to join those sites in order to send a message, if that's possible. Good luck.

And if it was you, Jasika, you have been wonderful and Fringe is an incredible show that will stay with me forever.

Edit: This was bugging me. I decided to search Tumblr with just "kacsa" and found out by all the pictures that it means "duck." Still, that was no help. So, I Googled that word without the 96 and added Fringe. I don't know why I didn't do that before. That came up with a bunch of posts at TVLine.com, and one at GiveMeMyRemote, from a Kacsa. Don't know if it's the same person, but at least you can easily reply to those posts.

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