"I'm dosing a caterpillar"


Well, I completely forgot to say anything about the Fringe Season 1 marathon on Science Channel this Thanksgiving weekend, except on Twitter, where I mentioned it probably a dozen times yesterday. I haven't rewatched many of these episodes in at least a year, so this is very nice. It's a great way to spend a few days decorating for Christmas. I somehow always end up watching some sort of marathon while decorating - Psych, Quantum Leap, MacGyver - but this is my favorite.

All right, it's about time I shut up and let you get to the show. The episode is Bound and it's already started. The marathon goes until 11:00 PM EST tonight and then repeats the pilot at the end. From there, Science Channel is playing three episodes every Tuesday night starting at 8 PM EST. You can also download the Into Now app on your iPhone or iPad and get exclusive content.


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