Fringe Benefits Project Poster ~ White Tulip


Fringe Benefits Project - White TulipPhoto belongs to Anthony Petrie and Fringe Benefits Project.

Okay, in the past couple hours I worked on four posts. That's way too many, but I have to do one more. This beautiful poster is available now from Fringe Benefits Project for $30 plus shipping. I'm low on cash right now, but it was an irresistible purchase, especially since it's "White Tulip," one of the most important episodes, a symbol of forgiveness and the one fans have used to show our love. I don't have a lot of Fringe stuff to adorn my walls, so this was perfect. I wasn't planning on buying any of them, because I thought they would cost too much. They're actually less expensive than I thought, by quite a bit, so there was no doubt. I put it in my cart in less than a minute.

It's a limited edition, so get yours before it's gone. Only 100 are available for purchase and I have no idea how many have been sold, but Ari Margolis tweeted it about an hour ago to all us Fringies. If you miss it, there will be five other Fringe case-inspired posters you can get soon.


  1. I want this very badly, but until January 1, 2013, this one is officially without fundage! Maybe there will be one left that I can buy.

  2. Oh, I hope there will be one left for you. If not, at least there are going to be five others. I can't wait to see what they are...and possibly dip into savings for them. I'd love to have them all, but that's very unlikely.


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