Noble Intentions for Black Blotter


There are only four episodes left of one of the greatest weekly events in TV history, and certainly my favorite. There are many incredible shows that can make me cry, laugh, think differently, spark creativity, and inspire love. But Fringe, with its epic and poignant story, has been the most effective at all of this and more.

If you haven't seen this show yet, it's not one that can be picked up just anywhere. But that's all right, because every episode has something memorable, another part of the big picture, and each is a master class in acting. And why would you want to miss any of it anyway? You don't skip chapters of a book to get to the end quicker, do you?

As an example of the weirdness and humor of Fringe, here is the Monty Python tribute sequence from last week's "Black Blotter." Fun fact: Fringe now has three episodes named after drugs.


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