The Saw Theme Should Be in More Trailers


It's Sunday, so I'm doing the Going through a lot of old papers right now. I came across a note to myself that the Saw theme was used in the trailers for Deja Vu, Valkyrie, and The Box. I completely forgot about that. It's such a great, creepy song. I wonder if any other movies have used it. I haven't noticed and I always hear when it's playing.

Yes, it's Christmas-Chanukkah-Kwanzaa-Festivus-time and this is technically a Halloween song. It's just so amazing I don't care.

Starts at 1:13. I know I can set a start time, but I like the lead up, and it's not that long.

Starts at 1:37.

Starts at 1:40.

And here's the entire song (actually it's a pair). I swear I posted about them here before. Must have been at MOG, YouTube, and Twitter, because I can't find it.


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