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It's been three weeks, but Fringe is back! And my Fringe Friday, a day I usually reserve for an episode (or four) of my favorite show on Blu-ray when I don't have work, turned into a "help-me-clean-the-basement-and-other-random-things-because-I've-taken-a-day-off" day. Finally got away for a bit to write this post, which I was going to do earlier in the week, but I always ran out of time. Tonight we've got another Fringe event on Twitter. These are happening until the end. Get your campaign icon here and use the hashtag #HumanKind in all your Fringe tweets starting at 8PM EST. I was going to use the White Tulip because it's had so much significance for so long, but I'll be using the Dandelion for this final incredible season.

For some reason this is the only tweet I can find for the previous campaign. Snapbird is searching other people's timeline in the thousands, but it's getting stuck at 228 for me. Ooh, so annoying.


If you missed them, these videos of Joel Wyman and J.J. Abrams came from the 100 Episodes party that was recently held for the show.

"A plot is a plot is a plot, but emotionally - that's what you remember. At least I do. I just really remember how I feel, not what people say a lot of times."

"The key to Fringe - and I think it's the thing that Joel Wyman's done remarkably, certainly this year - is never losing track of or connection with the heart and the soul of the characters."


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"[Joel Wyman] has been absolutely amazing and will undoubtedly give Fringe an unforgettable conclusion. How can I be so sure? Because of the way he writes, the way he talks about the show, the way he interacts with fans, the way he was so emotional in the video at the 100th episode party where he revealed the name of the finale."
The 8 Most Important Episodes of Fringe

"[Firefly] left a huge hole in my life and wasn't even on for a full half season. What will Fringe's passing do to me?"
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