Thank You, Mary and Louise


Dear Mary and Louise,

It's never too late for a Fringie...

I'm sorry to say I had never heard of you two until late in season 4. It wasn't until season 3 ended when I got really into looking for more Fringe things because it was summer break and I NEEDED more. It was kind of a confluence of events over a few month period: I had thought the show was already as amazing as possible, but somehow it was getting ever better; I was watching the DVD extras - behind the scenes, commentary, interviews with Joel and Jeff, everything; people were starting to get on my case at Hulu about fawning over Fringe (on the Fringe board!), so I left to start a blog; and then the finale took my breath away. 

I had really been by myself for the longest time, just one little Fringie (before I knew we called ourselves that) swimming around a huge but empty pond, not counting great sites like FringeTelevision and Fringepedia. I didn't even listen to The Fringe Podcast then, because I didn't want to have my opinion swayed or to hear harsh criticisms, which always get a response from me and end up wasting my time. And I didn't really have the time to spare. Yeah, I made a poor choice there.

Then one day I realized I could find more like-minded people on Twitter, which I had signed up for a year earlier only because of a few celebrities and which I hardly ever used. There I found my home, other Fringies, the amazing Fringenuity, Joel, Josh, John, Lance, and so many more. Eventually it led me to you through a retweet. While I haven't made it through much yet, I hope to eventually. There is enough there to keep me entertained for a long time. Your recaps and reactions are wonderfully entertaining, help take some sting out of the saddest moments for a little while, show me things I may have missed, and add to the personality of this fandom. I'm so happy that people like you are part of my Fringe family.

Thank you,
Erin Bates


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