Fringe Events Continue


Tonight is the third AF (After Fringe) Friday night Twitter event, organized by GodsGirl1989. Hopefully, we can keep doing this for the foreseeable future. Our goal is to keep talking about Fringe and get more people interested, but also to stay in touch with other Fringies and never let our love for this amazing show wither. It's something that inevitably happens to all shows in our lives. They get cancelled and eventually we lose interest, because there are no new episodes to keep us entertained. There are very few that can do that long after they're gone. Friends is one of those few. It's so good that every episode is just as hilarious as the first time. In this way, I know that Fringe will be with us forever. It's one of those shows that you have to play over and over, because it's so dense with character, lovingly crafted, and richly rewarding.

Unforunately, I will not be watching. Usually I watch an episode or two on Friday, but no longer in the same timeslot as Fringe used to occupy. Once a show is done, my family takes that new found time to catch up with other. We'll still watch marathons once in a while, but not during primetime. And I'm not going to hide in my room to watch alone, because, as anyone should learn from Fringe, family is important. By the way, while I'm writing this I'm watching Kirk Acevedo on CSI.

If you participate, tonight from 8 to 9 PM EST, use the hashtag #AlwaysInOurHearts. Be sure to get an avatar. I'm using the following, but it seems to have been removed.

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