From Dusk Till Shaun


 photo from-dusk-till-shaun-detail_38278_cached_thumb_-928107ac47da4bc345a3edd84ac43cf3_zps21e1c51d.jpg

Shaun of the Dead! Mixed with From Dusk Till Dawn, which I don't care about, but the design is great anyway. Luckily I have the Fuzz of the Dead shirt already, but this one still really hurts to pass on. I have no choice since I've just spent a bunch on Dishonored, God of War: Ascension, a font book, Spirit of the Sword, Art of the Knife, Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop, Blade's Guide to Making Knives, a new Unstealthiest Ninja t-shirt, and a couple other things. Why can't the shirts I want be spread around instead of being lumped together in a few days?


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