I Love Living In a World Like This...


...where music exists that always puts a smile on my face. I never remember to ask my cousin whether it was the summer of '96 or '97. Was it even the summer? Anyway, she came back from vacation in The Netherlands and introduced me to a boy band she heard while over there. From the first moment I heard The Backstreet Boys' "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)," I was an unapologetic fan. Yeah, the music could be schmaltzy, but we were kids. Of course we loved these adorable guys who complemented each other's voices so perfectly. But why did we not move on the way so many boy band fans do when they get older and the group breaks up? Because BSB never moved on. They continued to make fun and affecting music and appreciated the fans the way we appreciated them. Every time I hear a new Backstreet song, it feels like the first time, and "In a World Like This" is no exception. I will surely love the new album and play it until I'm sick of it. What am I saying? I'll never be sick of it.

I was too busy in the last month to pay attention to "Permanent Stain." Then I completely forgot about it. Shame on me. But I'm listening now.

Sadly, I'm going to miss the In a World Like This tour. The only stop on the tour I could go to is Boston on August 12. That's quite soon and tickets are nearly sold out by now. My cousin and I would have had to make plans months ago. But I will always have wonderful memories of the two chances I did get to see them live.


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