Leaf on the Wind


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There should be a National Wash Day. No, not celebrating doing laundry, but celebrating the guy who made us smile in bad situations...and then broke our hearts.

Why do all the best shirts have to be bunched up like this, within a couple of weeks? A while ago I said I would buy this shirt if it was ever printed. I knew it was coming up today. I should have expected this expense. Ugh, I have to. I have two other Firefly/Serenity shirts, but this is so pretty. If you agree, you can get yours at RiptApparel for the next 12 hours. Shirts are $12 and shipping starts at $2.98. One day I will get one in hoodie form, but those are $38!

Ddon't forget to click the "Hit the Ript Jackpot" link. You can get $1, $2, or $3 off your order, or you might win a free shirt. I got the $1. Not much, but every little bit helps.


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