Bastille B-Sides


These are the Bastille songs I have to listen to forever on YouTube, which has been really annoying lately. It keeps logging me out every few minutes because I want to continue to use my original channel as Reinbeast instead of their new asshat policy of forced real names. These are my favorite songs not available on Bad Blood or Haunt EP. Some of them were on single releases. Unfortunately, they are not on Amazon or iTunes US. If you live in the UK, though, you can buy the great "Durban Skies," "Sleepsong," and "Poet." And I am jealous of you.

Locked Out of Heaven, Thinking Ahead, Angels, Dreams, and more are available on this YouTube playlist.

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CDs - Bad Blood | Haunt
MP3s - Bad Blood | Pompeii | Things We Lost In The Fire | Laura Palmer


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