Weekend Mix


This is a nice, relaxing post for me instead of my usual going on and on and on about something. Just some music I discovered during the week...or, more accurately, right now. I didn't listen a lot this week to anything besides unreleased Backstreet Boys. Actually, some of those were on albums I have, but most I'd never even heard of.

Where did I see this before? Must have been Fuse, because the M in MTV has meant "mindless" for so long.

Suggested videos is such a great thing. I never would have found this otherwise.

I was sure I heard this on an old Cougar Town recently, because they always have good music. TuneFind says it was on the first season of Castle, which I certainly watched but don't remember. Now I'm thinking it was just a great random play on Pandora.

I kept hearing snippets of this song everywhere, but I never listened to the whole thing. I like Sara Bareilles, so I don't know why. Love the video. "I think he took the wrong pill."


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