Breaking Bad Finale T-Shirts


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Three Breaking Bad shirts in one day! I was expecting something after the finale, especially for one so satisfying, but not so many. This is really hard to pass up, but I expect there will always be more. I was waiting to see how the show ended before I bought. Usually series finales leave a very bad taste in my mouth; this was one of the few that blew past all expectations and unpredictably turned out how I wanted it to. Now that I know I'm still in love with Breaking Bad, I want to find "The One." The one Breaking Bad shirt that would top all others I have seen. These are all great, and I think if I had to choose it would be the BB/GTAV crossover. Not because of Grand Theft Auto V, which I don't have yet, but because it has Jesse, Hank, and Mike, and isn't as depressing as the depiction of Walt/Heisenberg surrounded by the shattered remnants of his terrible deeds.

Click any of the pics to purchase one of today's shirts at either RiptApparel or Teefury. They start at $10 and $11 and are available on other products, such as coasters and hoodies. Available today only for another 13 hours.


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