DRN, Almost Human, and Another T-Shirt


 photo DRNandFringe-P9270175_zpsd5bb8e4b.jpg photo DRN-P92701722_zps58fb91e5.jpg

*Yay! I won something! I got this DRN (Dorian) shirt for the new fall show Almost Human. You can see it sitting next to my >Fringe Butterfly and Arrested Development Illusions shirts. Almost Human was created by one of the imaginative, wonderful, personable writers from Fringe, Joel Wyman, and is set to premiere in November, pushing Bones to Fridays. The contest was run by Fringenuity, a group of amazing people who were an instrumental part of keeping Fringe alive long enough to properly end with a conclusion to the story instead of the outright cancellations that happen too often in television and enrage so many. They did a ridiculous amount of work and organized the passion of fans to nudge two mountains named Fox and Warner Brothers. I am grateful. I hope AH never needs that kind of help, but if anyone can rally fans and prove a show deserves to be saved it's them.

Though it was a drawing and everyone had an equal chance, here is my winning entry, and check out all the other entries at Storify. Thank you again, Fringenuity.

*Well, this is long overdue. I have an excuse, though. Soon after the shirt arrived, I hurt myself and could barely move. It's been a few weeks now. Getting better.


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