The Blacklist
James Spader, USA Daytime
Season 1 Interviews


I found a few fantastic mini interviews yesterday. I think they were on Tumblr. Never would have thought to look over at USA for James Spader interviews. Didn't know USA Daytime existed. I assume by the length of them that they are on during commercial breaks for the permanent NCIS and SVU marathons. Sadly, there are only three and they are too short. We need more of these intimate one-on-ones with only him and the interviewer. He seems more comfortable and relaxed in that setting. James is so insightful, which reminds me of the Comic-Con panel. Being humble, which makes him that much more appealing, he says the camera and the audience do most of the work. He should know how brilliant he is. It's not merely the result of camera work. Tight, lingering shots are a part of it, but it's he who draws us in with subtle expressions and makes it beautiful.

"If you don't make any attempt to show the audience anything then the audience wants to look further and further and further."

Okay, I have a long day ahead full of work and Tumbling gifs of last night's fall finale of The Blacklist. It was another incredibly well-done episode with top-notch acting, more questions, and a new (old, really) adversary that will be around in the shadows watching Red. As cliffhangers go, it wasn't really one. It didn't make me angry that I would have to wait more than a month for more episodes. It's a little break with no lives hanging in the balance, just emotions.


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