The Blacklist
30 Day Challenge, Part 6
Season 1 GIFs and Thoughts


Red with shotgun, saving Ressler gifRed killing Anslo gif

All right, I really have to finish this. I didn't make the deadline of this Monday, when The Blacklist returned after a long winter break. My weekends, normally reserved for relaxing and having fun, were too full of things I had to do. Actually, they're supposed to be reserved, but there's always something. After this, I have to write a cover letter, finish the right column menu for this blog, write another post for a different blog, and generally have a very busy day. Oh, fudge, I have laundry to do, too.

Okay, the final five days. Here we go. I hope I can finally tamp down/snuff out/cataclysmically destroy the desire to make GIFs to go along with all of these. I mean, I love GIFs, but I should have never learned. They are so fun, but I do too much thinking about them and tinkering with them, and I end up wasting a lot of time. Since I don't have a lot of time to begin with, all of Tumblr has already GIFed everything possible by the morning after the episode, so it really is a waste.

Oh, yeah, I already said, "Here we go." Sometimes I go off on tangents.

Day #26: What was your least liked episode on The Blacklist?

What?! How could you even ask me that? Just like deciding on a favorite episode, picking a least favorite is an incredibly hard thing to do. Every episode has a gem or two (or ten) of a quote, an unforgettable scene, a perfect moment. I could say the pilot since most first episodes are just establishing characters and the story, trying to fit too much in and often feeling rushed. A great example of this is The Tomorrow People. Too much, too fast. The acting could also use an injection of realism and believability. It's watchable and likeable, but just. I think we're watching it just to watch something at that time. The Blacklist, though, quickly established itself as one of my favorite shows ever, and it started with the pilot. It was never forced, kept a tantalizing mystery close to the chest, and the acting has been wholly believable from the start. It also gave us the great pen in the neck scene, in an instant making me realize that I was going to continue with the show.

So, I guess I have to go with a different episode. Why the hell did I write all that? Anyway...maybe "The Courier." Not because it was in any way bad. Not because I didn't like the Blacklister in it. He was intriguing and played by Robert Knepper. Always good to see him. I pick "The Courier" because it's always the one I have trouble remembering quotes from and the one I always think of last.

Day #27: Share you favorite character entrance.

This is the first time I've been stumped. I watched all episodes twice, but I can't think of anything specific. Maybe I should have done a few more marathons. Then I would have an answer for you. It would likely have to do with Red being funny or scary, and I can't use "The Good Samaritan" since I was supposed to have had this done by then. Wait a sec, I'm getting something here. I'm picturing Red saying, "I don't know what the hell any of this is." That was in the pilot when he started changing around the evidence board. I just loved that.

Now if we were talking character retreat, that's easy. Red saving Ressler and fending off Anslo's men. And character exit? Red killing Anslo. And that's why the two gifs at the start of this post.

Day #28: Share the reason you are proud to be apart of the Blacklist fandom.

It's an amazing show that gained a passionate fandom so very quickly. It's great to know so many others feel the same way and to share thoughts and feelings about it so I don't explode. ;)

Day #29: Do you own any merchandise from the Blacklist? If so post a photo! If not what would you choose to own if you were able to?

Not yet, but I've been wanting to for months. I've been waiting for the talented people at TeeFury and RiptApparel to reach inside my brain and pull out the exact design I want on a Blacklist tee. I don't know what that is, but I'll know it when I see it. And I won't pass it up the way I did the Visit Tahiti shirt for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. I was trying to save money before Christmas, and I have regretted that decision ever since. I should find out if it's available anywhere else. RedBubble, here I come. Yup, found it! I'll buy it when I have money. It's by Alecxps. Like his Facebook page. He deserves it for being the one person ever to do that reaching inside my head thing I mentioned already. I don't have talent for designing shirts, but that was one I was planning on trying. Hopefully he watches The Blacklist, too. Here's a good one, but I'm hoping for something more creative, maybe humorous.

Day #30: Post a photo of you preparing for the upcoming episode.

And this is why I should never have fallen behind. Hmm, what did I do? Curled up on the couch with a blanket, slightly sick to my stomach because I didn't know where "The Good Samaritan" was about to take me. That's the sign of the great shows. They make me so nervous I want to vomit.


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