This Will Be My First Blacklist Poster


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The Blacklist Season 1 Poster

The Blacklist Season 1 Poster

It would seem foolish for any criminal worth their salt to turn themselves into the FBI, but then again, Reddington isnt just any criminal. Even in The Blacklist Poster you can see hes more than just a criminal, hes got an intricate plan that everyone else is just a part of. Get this 11 x 17 inch poster and show that youre a serious fan of The Backlist and James Spaders enthralling character. The poster comes in a hard plastic sleeve with a hook so its ready to hang.

I'm going to need an influx of cash soon. There are a bunch of Blacklist things I want, and The Blacklist Season 1 Poster from is my favorite. I need to find space on my wall. Now I wish I didn't have book shelves. Maybe one of them can go downstairs at some point. If we only had the room down there. I don't think I want to hang a poster in a frame above my bed. I'm a bit afraid of it falling on my head in the middle of the night. And all the space on my walls is taken up with 5 Fringe posters, 1 Snape from Harry Potter poster, 1 Joker from The Dark Knight poster, and 1 Monsters Inc poster. So I can't get rid of any of those. Wait a sec. What am I saying? I have a space on the wall behind my door and another on both the front and back of my door. They're near the floor, but so what? Yay, I found room! Now I just need to find money.


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