The Blacklist
The Cyprus Agency
Season 1, Episode 13 Preview Clip ~ The Next Target


They don't locate kids for adoption. They steal them.

Even without the memory of Red's daughter from "Frederick Barnes" in this promo, I would have thought of her as soon as he said that line. This blew my mind immediately after the end of "The Alchemist," which posed another question: Is Red's child or the person who abducted her on The Alchemist's list? I had always thought she was either dead by the hand of an enemy or that he'd given her up to keep her safe, which is still a possibility. But I never thought of someone stealing her away. Is that what The Cyprus Agency did to Red? And who ordered it?

I wonder how much closer to the truth this episode will bring us. Who is Lucy Brooks/Jolene, the woman Red found in ViCAP? Who is Audrey Bidwell, besides the one that got away and then came back to Ressler? So many questions, so many, many questions, and it's been a delightful and poignant ride so far. I am anticipating an epic first season finale that leaves me hanging for far too long.


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