Time Turner, A Harry Potter Tee


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This Time Turner shirt and After All This Time are the best Harry Potter shirts I've seen. There are eight movies that make up that series, so there are many, many great scenes; it would be hard to pick favorites. But that one-word response from Snape, "Always," is the only HP shirt I own. It was the first one that I absolutely needed to have, so I might say that's the moment that means the most, the one that will endure always. Now, if I were to buy another, it would definitely be Time Turner.

The previous two movies were cute, funny, sometimes creepy, and full of wonder, but The Prisoner of Azkaban was when it started getting serious, like maybe some characters I'm attached to won't make it out of this series alive kind of serious, and this little magical item dried the tears that were about to fall. It felt more of a significant movie than the first two, which I absolutely adored, and the young actors started growing into their roles and getting better at the whole acting thing. It's also the one where Snape physically protects Harry, Ron, and Hermione, so we're back to Snape, always my favorite character. It may be because I had seen The Sorcerer's Stone before I read it and Alan Rickman was just so entertaining in the role, but I never doubted the character for a second.

Well, anyway... Ooh, it glows in the dark. This shirt is available for the next 13 hours for $11 and comes in military green, charcoal, and dark chocolate. For some reason the youth sizes have a silver option, but no green. Hmm.

Time Turner is now only available for $20 in Hyperlixir's Teepublic store.


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