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The Only Light in the Darkness :: Art of Level 7
Season 1, Episode 19 Preview


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Updated June 9, 2020

Thought I was done for the day, but there's one more thing. This third poster in the Art of Level 7 series. I love this because it's sort of similar to what I've had in mind since Coulson died in The Avengers: a lone cellist playing in the dark with a spot of light on her. My version had her facing forward and I imagined a sort of ghostly Coulson just behind her, not knowing how he would return, only knowing that he should. One day, I may have a chance to actually draw it.

Anyway, I have to buy strategically since I can't afford all of these and I already ordered "Providence." I have to wait and see what the next ones will be. Judging by the last two episodes and knowing how Coulson feels about Audrey, this will be another emotional roller coaster. Still I have to wait to see what's in store for the final three episodes, because I'm sure those will have no less of an impact.

This one sold out very quickly in 2014, but there are others still available from season 2 at Shop Marvel. I wish they'd kept up with the posters for every season, but Marvel fell out of love with its own show—the best of the bunch—even while AOS kept getting better and better, focusing on the relationships and emotional trauma, turning these co-workers who investigated strange occurrences into friends who fought tirelessly to save lives, and then into a family that sacrificed everything to save the world on more than one occasion.

The same happened to the Declassified books and the seasons themselves. There were no more books after the fourth one and for a while there were problems with finding anything past season 2 on Amazon. If I remember correctly, people were complaining that the exclusive Amazon had was not good. Something about the quality of the video or that it was missing any extras. I can't remember. I just remember that it was really disappointing and after that, only region-free Blu-rays were sparsely available on eBay and more expensive.

At least now they're all up on Amazon, except for season 6, which looks like it's been available in other countries since April, 2020. Time to get what I missed. Season 4, I think. Another great one. LMDs, the Framework, the Darkhold. Ghost Rider shows up...and a year later we find out the terrible cost of Coulson becoming that flaming hell demon for just a few moments.

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