Can I Please See Winter Soldier?


Week 1

We almost never go to any movie on week 1. Damn both the crowds and our inability to find time to get together.

Week 2

People "needed" to eat out. My brother was late. The restaurant was crowded. Finished in time to miss at least the first 15 minutes, so we went back to my brother's house, sat around the fire pit, comforted his wimpy, sweetie pie pitbull because she was afraid of the fire but wanted to be with us, and talked and laughed for the next few hours.

Week 3

My other brother has pink eye now and doesn't feel like going, and decided 10 minutes before we were to leave, after I scarfed down a pathetic dinner of a cheese wrap and a few chips.

Week 4

The apocalypse will not keep me away! Fucking hell!

So that's twice now in sadness I take off my Visit Tahiti It's a Magical Place shirt with the Coulson ukulele player. I was wearing it in honor of He Who Must Always Be Named (played by the wonderful, amazing, stupendous @clarkgregg) and seeing his favorite hero on the big screen again. I guess I'll just have to content myself with the trailer another dozen or so times. And the brother who currently watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will now be three episodes behind, because I warned him about the spoilers.

Oh, and I'm also the only one in my immediate family without an eye problem right now - *loudest knock on wood you ever heard* - so we're going to miss the Easter party tomorrow with the extended family. Not going by myself. I guess I'll go color the eggs since I apparently have nothing better to do. No, nevermind. We're going to watch Frozen.


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