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I had this done a week ago, but I held back on publishing because I was going to make a gif. It's usually a good idea to have pretty pictures since that's what draws people in. Most people who see hundreds or thousands of words of text run away screaming, or so I assume. Well, I didn't get to the gif. The weekend was spectacularly busy, as will be the case until the middle of June. Mother's Day is this coming weekend. Then it's my Dad's birthday, my cousins' birthdays, a tag sale, Father's Day, and my parent's anniversary. Not to mention the five blogs I have to write for, maintain and update. So, no pictures this time.

Yup, there goes Fox again. Last week they cancelled Almost Human. I had nothing to say then, because Fox just really takes the fight out of me. It's almost always the same old story. I never had a good feeling that Almost Human was on that channel. Even though they gave Fringe time to craft a perfect finale, it was very close to getting the axe quite a bit, and that was the one exception to their normal brutality towards great shows that don't immediatley do spectacular numbers. The first sign of trouble for me was when they pushed the premiere back by a few weeks. Then they shuffled around the episodes, unbeknownst to casual viewers, so it looked as though continuity didn't matter to the writers. One week John and Dorian would be bickering like an old married couple, the next it would be like they hardly knew each other. Despite the fact that its numbers were consistent with The Following, making it's mark with only 13 episodes, it was hard to keep faith and enthusiastically tell people to watch the show, because it was on a network that doesn't care about nurturing quality. Almost Human seemed headed for cancellation from nearly the very beginning.

Then after the finale, the Saturday reruns were preempted in favor of Rake. That was it. We were told to keep our chins up and keep tweeting about the show, and there was even positive buzz about it being picked up for season 2 since it did well despite Fox's meddling, but to no avail. When I heard of the cancellation, I sent my condolences to creator Joel Wyman. Then my next thought was that another network could be Almost Human's savior, maybe Syfy or Netflix. No sooner had I thought of it than petitions were being tweeted about. I doubted Netflix would, because AH is such a fledgling show and they would have to put a lot of money into production. I assumed it would be a better fit for Syfy. I really despise them sometimes for cancelling some of my favorite shows, but when I think about it, those shows (Eureka, Warehouse 13, Battlestar Galactica) are given good, if sometimes short runs, and they tend to be allowed the time to write proper finales. They may cancel older shows in favor of new ones, many in the reality category, and develop hundreds of terrible movies that people enjoy making fun of, and have a paltry catalog of old sci-fi movies and series instead of building their stable of great scripted series, but what does make it to air gets a fair shot. After I was finished writing this last week, Syfy unequivocally passed, preferring to focus on their own shows. I understand, but it might have been a great fit. But a guy at Netflix passed it on to the higher ups. Cross your fingers.

If you would like to sign a petition for Almost Human to get a second chance at life, there's no harm in it. Maybe there could be some good.

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Save Almost Human (multiple networks) - This is the one to focus on. There are over 10,000 signatures.
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Petitioning Fox (likely pointless since they already cancelled it)
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Renew Almost Human for a Second Season
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