Avengetron? Voltengers?


 photo assembled400px_zps44f07211.jpg

Oh, damn it! An Avengers/Voltron t-shirt? I never would have thought of that, even though I've said before if I were as rich as Tony Stark I would build myself some awesome lions that form together to fight evil. I mean, look how adorable the Hulk lion is, and the Blazing Sword is Thor's hammer! Voltron was my childhood dream and favorite cartoon. Yes, they used the same sequence every single time when Keith, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, and Allura realized they couldn't take on whatever was threatening the universe separately. But "form feet and legs, form arms and torso...and I'll form the head" was always the best bit. I was simple. ;)

Unfortunately, I suffer from T-shirt Instabuy Syndrome. If it's too good to pass up, it's a struggle not to get it. That puts a strain on the wallet, especially when my first job has been so light for so long that it's like I'm not employed there anymore, and I've been working for two months at my second job and won't get paid until the middle of September. And I already bought two shirts recently - Groovin Through the Galaxy with baby Groot and Better Call Hutz - so I have to agonizingly pass on Assembled. Hopefully it will be put on RedBubble later and kept there for a while.

Assembled is available starting at $10 today, and it's also available on hoodies, coasters, posters, and more if you have too many tees. If you miss it today, you'll have a second chance to buy it tomorrow for $15, e.g., RiptApparel had three great Doctor Who t-shirts yesterday that I was too busy to blog about. I'll have to put Who Loves Rose, The Crack in the Wall, and The Monolith on my ever-growing wish list, T-Shirt Obsession.


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