Better Call Hutz and Other Simpsons Tees


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With a second job and no less blogging to do, I've had to skip a lot of great shirts lately. But I have been a fan of the brilliantly hilarious The Simpsons for so very long that when three shirts are for sale in one day, I have to tell you about them. Especially since I've never posted any before. Why does it have to be today? I have so much work. Better keep it short and sweet then. I would be happy to wear every single one of these; not at the same time, though. That would be strange. I have one Simpsons shirt and it's a clever mash-up with Despicable Me. Saves space to have a two-in-one, but there's always room for another. Bartman Begins and D'Oh! Zombies! are hilarious. But the one I really love is Better Call Hutz. How did I never think of Lionel Hutz and Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad and the upcoming Better Call Saul) in the same thought together? This one is also timed perfectly to hurt a bit. Phil Hartman, the voice of Hutz, was taken too soon, and all I can think about the past few days is Robin Williams; he would have made a amazing guest star.

Ooh, enough of the downer right now. Okay, these shirts are available until the end of the day starting at $10. You can also get the design on hoodies, laptop sleeves, coasters, headphones, and posters.


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