Groot Loops, Awesome Tour Shirt and Retro Guardians


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Guardians of the Galaxy, I love you to death. You were an incredible movie filled with so much humor that my throat was sore by the end and so much heart that there were moments I had tears in my eyes. You made me fall in love with a walking tree and a talking spitfire of a raccoon. You introduced me to Dave Bautista, since I don't watch wrestling, and he did an amazing job. I haven't seen Parks and Rec in months, so you reminded me that Chris Pratt is a seriously good actor with terrific comedic delivery, and interviews reveal that he's real a sweetheart and a down to earth guy that gets excited over people loving his movie and can French braid hair. Nothing new about Zoe Saldana, though, because she was always awesome. But the shirts have to stop! I already bought the one I wanted. They just keep coming, tempting me to buy more. I can't afford all this. I'm not Gill Bates, a cousin of mine who made a fortune fish farming. I just woke up, but since I can't have these, at least not right now, I'm going to go sob myself back to sleep. No, wait, I can't do that; there's too much work to do. There's always too much work, starting with keeping a certain blog updated.

If you'd like one of these, or three of these, they are at RiptApparel today starting at $10 for t-shirts. You also have a choice between coasters, hoodies, posters, headphones, and laptop sleeves. Tomorrow there's a second chance to buy them for a while, but the price goes up to $15. After that you have to hope the artist makes it available on another site. Groot Loops by bamboota is adorable and hilarious, like like the movie itself. It's filled with Honey Bunches of A-Holes. My favorite kind. Awesome Tour Shirt by CatchABrick with Star Lord is a nice character portrait that feels lonely even though his face is hidden by his mask. That seemd just perfect, because Peter Quill has no one at the beginning. And Retro Guardians by KindaCreative works because there were a few scenes where I thought I would love to play that part in a game as Groot, with his ability to grow super fast and smash people into walls, or the angry little Rocket with a big gun.


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