Quill and (Most of) the Gang


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It's been a few weeks since I last promoted a shirt, something that gradually became integral to this blog. TV and tees: I really don't know how it happened. But most shirts from Ript and TeeFury that debuted when I had time to write about them haven't been all that interesting as of late, as they either weren't "my life depends on buying that" impressive or they didn't align with my interests. Qwertee had some great tees, but I'm not an affiliate, so no reason to bother other than a quick Pin. I hope to see those again on other sites. Yesterday I spent 13 hours cleaning and organizing the house, making somewhat of a dent. I would have missed these adorable Guardians of the Galaxy tees then. Today I am doing as little as any human has ever done, except for this one small detour, because Guardians was outstanding.

I think the Mario-inspired Super Star Lord is the best of the three. For some reason, the Lego-inspired Awesome Mix Vol. 1 leaves out Drax, an important character. But I didn't even realize that was another Chris Pratt character there next to Peter Quill. Made more sense when I read that he was in The Lego Movie, which I wanted to see but have yet to. And I can't believe someone attempted to make the huge-chinned, purple and quite evil Thanos kind of cuddly. They succeeded with Super Villain. All of these shirts are on sale for $10 a piece until the end of the day. They're also available on hoodies, onesies, posters and coasters.




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