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It's shaping up to be another great season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., perhaps as mind-blowing and emotional as the first. Last night, in "A Hen in the Wolfhouse," (i.e. sweet Simmons working for evil Hydra) there was a comforting hug between Coulson and Skye after she found out who and what she might be and tried to find her father. That's the Coulson I love most. A close second is the ass-kicking Coulson, the quippy Coulson, the hard Coulson, and the scared Coulson. Really, I love the whole package. Clark Gregg has been fantastic. So has everyone else. The team that was hobbled at the finale is coming together again with a number of new and welcome faces. I can't wait to see how the fractured Fitz and Simmons will repair that relationship, and how she will come to terms with what he's been through without her.

Okay, now that I took too much time out of my super busy day (shirts I like only release on super busy days) to talk about one of my favorite shows (and cereals!) and struggle with even signing into nearly broken Photobucket to upload the pic, I should tell you that Phil's Agents of K.R.I.S.P.I.E.S. by Bamboota is available today for $11 at TeeFury. You'll have a second chance to get it tomorrow at a slightly increased price.


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