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Oh crap, I thought this sale was on Tuesday! I have to scramble to come up with something to say about this right now? I knew the weekend went too smoothly. Everything I needed to get done I did, and with little frustration. That is just unheard of. I even finally got a chance to start watching the season of Supernatural, a favorite show for the last decade that is suddenly lowest on the priority list, because God forbid my family misses any of the new shows, most of which are highly unimpressive. I was also three episodes behind on Castle last week for the same reason. I am not the Wielder of the Remote. I am unhappy about that.

But there is no way that I will let Saturday night parties that people forgot to tell me about until last minute or time slot conflicts ruin my enjoyment of Doctor Who or The Walking Dead. I refuse to be behind for even an hour. Last night I had to stay up late because the DVR wasn't set for TWD and I didn't want to get spoiled by my Twitter timeline today. "Four Walls and a Roof" was one of those more tense than usual episodes (which is saying a lot) with revenge, tears, and hopefully temporary goodbyes. And this week's Doctor Who, "In the Forest of the Night," while not the best in execution or story, was interesting in the Doctor-Clara dynamic, as always, and sad with Clara resigned to Earth's fate. Like anyone else, I've been wondering all season if and how Clara was going to leave. I thought her path was set when she walked out in anger...only to return because she realized that she loved the adventure too much and that the Doctor may be gruff and seem uncaring at first, but that's how he works through life-threatening situations. Peter Capaldi has been wonderful in the role. And I'll be sorry to see Jenna Coleman go when it eventually does happen. She's been essential as the Impossible Girl, saving the Doctor his whole life, and has been quite a fun companion.

Now onto the t-shirts. I love these. TL Shipping & Logistics by Bomdesignz is one of those types of shirts you see a lot depicting the subject in an ordinary business: shipping, alcohol...cereal. This one is very nicely done. Grand Walking Dead by theduc is a cross with Grand Theft Auto V, a game I loved and spent dozens of hours on just perfecting my helicopter piloting skills. (I should put that shirt up on And The Walking Angels by foureyedesign, with one of the Doctor's most dangerous enemies locked behind the doors of the first episode of The Walking Dead, is an unexpected and welcome bridge between the universes of two of my favorite and couldn't be more different shows, without either of which the weekend doesn't feel right. These tees are on sale today for $10 each and tomorrow for $15. After that, the artists may decide to put their work up for sale elsewhere, but it's not guaranteed.

[UPDATE, 8/13/15]  Links now point to RedBubble and TeePublic.

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