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An actual, life-sized TARDIS! Well, okay, not quite actual. It doesn't take you through space and time, and I'm pretty sure that it's a bit smaller on the inside. Also, the Doctor is not an accessory, though if you have the money maybe you can convince one to pop in. But it will look nifty sitting in your living room, if you have that kind of space, or as the centerpiece of your whimsical, science fiction-themed garden. Oh my goodness, I now need a whimsical, science fiction-themed garden. That would be amazing. Of course, I don't have any chance to win. I'm not lucky, but I have to try any way. And so do you. And to go along with this wonderful sweepstakes, TeeFury is also putting all Doctor Who tees in the gallery on sale for $15 until November 23 to commemorate the 51st Anniversary of the show. "51st? That's odd," you may say. Well, according to TeeFury it's "because anniversaries can get pretty timey-wimey and this just felt like a fine point in space and time to do something big."

I decided to show you my four picks for my favorite shirts that I have not posted yet, which also featureHarry Potter's Hermione Granger, Despicable Me's Minions, and Firefly's Serenity. I love mashups.

Time TravellerWitch in the Fireplace
Stealing TimeThe Time Job

Update: TeeFury is also having a flash sale with another small batch of great Doctor Who shirts for $15 each. 51 Timey Wimey Years by Drew Wise and 51 Years of Time Lords by Bamboota are my picks.

51 Timey Wimey Years51 Years of Time Lords


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