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Regen-O-Rama Vs. the Gallery of Time



Gallery of Time

These are wonderful. I haven't bought a shirt in a while and I can't pass these up. I already have the Futurama-style Doctorama shirt, which had four Doctors along with other lowercase "D" doctors such as Dre and Doogie Howser. Regen-O-Rama by CoD Designs is a great new version showing only the Doctors. It was a hard choice between this and the less cartoony Gallery of Time by onebluebird. I adore every serious, award-worthy moment on this incredible series, but the lighthearted hilarity is very much a part of it, too, so Regen-O-Rama wins for making me laugh at Four's intrusive scarf, at Ten's 3-D glasses and hair, at Eleven's bowtie, at War's butting in, and especially Twelve's scowl and eyebrows.

It's also the last day of TeeFury's TARDIS giveaway, as I wrote about previously.

[UPDATE, 7/29/15]  Unfortunately, Gallery of Time was a limited TeeFury exclusive and is not available anywhere else, at least not yet, but onebluebird has a similar Doctor Who shirt at RedBubble.

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