Bastille Vs HAIM ~ Bite Down


I have to take a moment out of my busy day here of work and trying to finish a post about the finale of Doctor Who to say something about music. We all have our own tastes, I know that. Still it bugs me when people disparage artists I love, especially since I normally avoid mentioning what I don't like; it's a waste of time and invites people who disagree to comment faster than any praise. I'm getting better at ignoring other people's opinions, since they only matter when you're looking for something new. But I came across a little tweet today while making sure @bastilledan was the correct handle before tweeting Bastille's new single through Spotify.

I can't find the quote, so I don't know quite what this is about, other than some bands pulled out of a charitable event sometime last year. He seems to have a grudge against any "working class" bands, though. It may be personal or it may be about the music itself. If it's about the music, rather than get annoyed, I instead just find it funny. I never cared a bit for Oasis, so one of them disliking what I listen to means nothing at all. The whine in Liam's voice (I think it was Liam) annoyed me and I had no connection to the lyrics. The melodies were good, but that's just a third of the equation. Actually, let's make that one fourth; sometimes personalities can have a big impact. Throughout their time on the pop charts starting in the mid '90s, I listened to the radio less and less until at some point I realized I just stopped altogether. Not Oasis' fault, but they were part of it. That was the decade I was growing up, when I was trying to find myself in music, but so much of it was mind-numbingly boring or just plain bad. There are only a handful of artists that I listen to from that decade that I love.

To be sure I was remembering correctly, that it wasn't just radio fatigue and in case I have a different appreciation now, I just listened to a bunch of Oasis songs in the last hour. I stand behind my opinion from my teenage years that they are not for me. I admit that some of it could be catchy, but most of the time I found my mind wandering. There's no point in listening to music that's difficult to enjoy. I want something that immediately grabs me with great lyrics that tell a story or a moment, a soulful voice (or at least not a godawful one), and a catchy or beautiful melody that makes me turn the volume up. Bastille perfectly fits that bill.

Oasis fans, I apologize, but my opinion will do nothing to change your mind about them and vice versa. Bastille fans, welcome and stay a bit longer to listen to the new single I mentioned a minute ago. Or you could buy it on Amazon. There is also a whole Vs album called Other People's Heartache, Pt. III.


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