Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Season 2, Episode 11 Preview :: Art of Evolution


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Available today, February 27, in the Marvel Shop.
Limited to 100 pieces.

Oh yes! Marvel is doing it again with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. prints, as I learned from ShieldTV this morning, this time called the Art of Evolution. Wait, what am I saying "oh yes"? Oh no is more like it. I only had the money for two prints last time and I gave one to my brother. And this time my other brother finally caught up with the show and is now a fan. What am I supposed to do, pick three? And then which one do I keep? No, it's okay, I'll just send them links to the print and then they can decide if they want to buy one.

Since we don't get to see all the posters ahead of time, I have to go on gut instinct again. Do I love "Aftershocks" enough to commit to buy this one and possibly only this one? I don't know. It is beautifully done, but what might I miss? Last year I was lucky enough to hold out for something that really grabbed me, and I got the one for "Providence" with the team out in the cold. If I had to pick just one episode to watch over and over until the end of time then it would probably be that one for Coulson's Agents of Nothing speech, which was so full of pain. A man breaking down in the midst of trying to keep everyone together. Clark Gregg was superb.

Then I got the final poster with the fractured S.H.I.E.L.D. logo with the Hydra logo behind it. Why do I have to make these decisions again? And the fact that they're $49.99 a pop and limited to just 100 prints makes this even harder. Every Friday for TWELVE WEEKS (the last run was only six prints!) I will be going to bed late or getting up early just to see if I want to buy a print. You're making me crazy, Marvel. Thanks a lot. And just where am I supposed to find the wall space?

Before I go, don't forget to watch Agents of SHIELD "Aftershocks" on March 3.


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