Shirts and Recreation Collection


Shirts and Recreation Collection

I meant to post about these shirts days ago. I'm sorry I didn't and now there are only a couple days left to get yours at the sale price. There was just no time in the moments between working, watching and writing about Bosch, and all the other bits of life that get in the way. I also kind of forgot since I didn't see the series finale of Parks and Rec yet thanks to NBC moving it to a 10 pm slot for that one night, because of The Voice! Nice way to treat an incredible show and its fans at the very end. It didn't record because of a conflict with all our other shows that the DVR never bothered to mention.

Anyhoo, the Parks and Recreation shirts in this hilarious collection will all be available at TeeFury until March 2 for $17 each. After that they are $20. By the way, by favorite shirt is the Cones of Dunshire. Ben Wyatt's game was just a perfectly silly and hilarious creation. I am going to miss this show so much.

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