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Season 2, Episode 20 Preview


Scars ~ Agents of SHIELD: The Art of Evolution

Available in the Marvel Shop. Limited to 100 pieces.

These are good people.
~ Skye

I apologize for not getting to this first thing. Stayed up too late last night tinkering with the site. My first impression of "Scars" was "wow." This limited edition print is available in the Marvel Shop, and Marguerite Sauvage did an exceptional job. It immediately reminded me of "Melinda," and you can read more about it at Entertainment Weekly. It looks like we'll be seeing Jiaying's story next week, the print depicting a woman with scars all over. From what the series has revealed so far, that could only be her: someone with Wolverine-level healing ability, who never ages, who was brutally experimented on by Hydra, and who was put back together in a desperate attempt by her husband Cal. Also, the product page told me. I'm sure the title references not only Jiaying's physical scars, but her emotional scars as well, and those of Skye, who so long searched for her parents and found what she never could have expected.

Depending on how deep you want to get (and the feelings in and for this show run deep), the title can also relate to every character that we love. I would expect there to be at least a bit about how each feels at this moment, or at the very least a look that just tells you everything. It wouldn't be S.H.I.E.L.D. if there wasn't some heartfelt emotion. The show's most important asset is people, after all, and the whole season, and series, has dealt with a great deal of turmoil. From the resurrection of Coulson to Ward's betrayal, from Fitz's near-death experience to Skye's transformation, and then finally finding out what happened to May, I think the change that dropped my jaw the most is Jemma. It's a tough race between them, one that no one should want to win.

One of the best moments of "The Dity Half Dozen" was Fitz exaggerating to Simmons about how Hunter had to restrain him from killing Ward. It was a funny moment, though tinged with pain because he was only half kidding. He surely wants some time alone to do as much damage to Ward as possible. But no matter how heartbroken Fitz is, I can't see him actually following through. FitzSimmons used to be a package, one and the same, so in tune with each other, which is why at first I thought Jemma's response to use a splinter bomb on Ward was nothing but a morbid joke with the friend she was finally winning back. Realizing Jemma was serious was chilling, and then when she tried to kill Ward, with no regard for her own safety, that was unexpected. I thought she might think better of it or wimp out. Neither one happened. When the nicest person you ever knew turns into someone you don't recognize, things are definitely bad.

I really love where the show has gone with Jemma. She was so innocent and sweet, and I loved her for that. Now she's deceitful (smoothly tricking Bobbi) and dangerous, and I love her for that, too. She's been written as a person, fleshed out with complexity. She's damaged and wants - needs - revenge. She'll never be the same after what she went through, what they all went through, but that's a good thing as long as it becomes just a part of her, the part that keeps her wary, and the distrust doesn't take over. I applauded her. I feared for her. It was interesting that Ward was disappointed in her. I'm actually glad she didn't succeed. Like many, I wished him dead after his betrayal, but he's still an interesting character and it seems the writers want him around for future storylines. And Brett Dalton is a treat on Twitter. I need as many of his AoS puns as I can get.

Okay, did I leave anything out? Of course I did! Lots of things.

Coulson and May, please, please make up. May, you know that a director needs to keep secrets, sometimes to protect people, sometimes to protect th organization. Compartmentalization can be important. People who don't need to know shouldn't know. Coulson, you know May. She has been by your side. She has unassailable integrity. You can trust her implicitly.

How about a big group hug? At least one for Coulson and Skye and one for FitzSimmons.

And Hunter and Mack reconciling? Mack did what he thought was right, but he was sorry for it. Hunter said he understood and forgave him. Mack seemed moved by that, though he tried not to show it. He hoped for it, but never expected it. Just a whole lot of "awwwww."

Though I never knew anything about the original character of Daisy Johnson until I started poking around her history, it was obvious Skye's power would be quite useful when she got it under control. But I never expected her to be so badass in hand-to-hand, and foot-to-face, combat.

And my favorite laugh of the night award goes to:

There's a lot of challenges ahead. We don't want to implode before we even get there. And Ward, more people.
~ Phil Coulson

I'm glad the writers didn't kill Ward off last year, for scenes like that and for scenes like this:

Whitehall broke her and I have tried to fix her, but I'm just not the right man for it. Just not enough good left inside me. She deserves better.
~ Grant Ward

Though he's duplicitous, untrustworthy, and does not deserve forgiveness, he showed he was capable of caring for someone else. Through all the excuses and the creepy way Ward trieds to convince everyone (and himself) that it was all "nothing personal," behind that smile that used to be lovely but now inspires fear, there is a spark of humanity left. It may not be enough for him to come back from the dark side, but enough to know that he wasn't enough for Agent 33. Leaving her in the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. because he couldn't help her was an enlightening moment. His talk on the phone with Coulson may have been the first honest moment he's ever had.

Of course, while Ward actually got away, Skye and Lincoln are now being held against their will. Gonzales is such a dick. I hope he gets on board with the good Inhumans as allies, because I always want to see more Edward James Olmos and I'd like to stop fantasizing about punch his face up real good. But even if his character is exasperating, he's a terrific actor with a commanding presence. Maybe he'll be in the spinoff as long as he makes it through the season, which only has two more episodes. Wow, this year went by quick.

Before I go, in case you've just come out of hibernation, Age of Ultron is in theaters today. Unfortunately, just like with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World, I will likely not get a chance to see Age of Ultron before the next episode of S.H.I.E.L.D., so some big plot point in the movie will likely be spoiled, as events it the show tie closely with the movies. I would never buy tickets far in advance because our plans often change. Life doesn't ever cooperate that way. And I always go with family, so schedules have to align. And since I always go off on a tangent, I want a shirt that says "Age of Voltron" on it. I always think of Voltron when I say Ultron and my brother recently sent me a pic of Voltron with the Avengers. I also need one with Ultron, of course, because he's just damn cool. Even just seeing commercials, never reading the comic books, I know that without any doubt. I mean, he's James Freakin' Spader! I can never praise him enough in The Blacklist and Boston Legal.

I was determined to get this in before Friday turned to Saturday, so I leave you now with the preview for next week. I'm nervous already.


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