May the Fourth Be With You


Beach Hutt JabbaAs You Wish proudly presents (though I had nothing to do with any of this, so proud isn't really the right word, but who cares?) TeeFury's May the 4th Collection, a bunch of tees—and one poster—about Star Wars. These will be the first through twenty-first Star Warsy things I post here. But there's no guarantee there will be more. It all really depends on how much merch finds its way into my email. Could be a lot, could be a little, but there is there's a bit of time until Episode VII comes out in December. (Please JJ, pull off another miracle.) If you want to start your collection early, you can get all the shirts and have enough to wear for two-thirds of a month.

Or wear them all at once, if you so desire.

Image from 'Friends' courtesy NBC.

I won't judge, but your family and friends might. So keep that in mind.

I only have time to show you two of the shirts. You think downloading, cropping, compressing, and uploading twenty-one pics, and then getting all the links to include here is easy? Well, yeah, it is, Smarty Pants, but it takes a while that I don't have. I'll try to get to it at some point, likely when the sale is over and I have to update the links to wherever the shirts end up after TeeFury. It all depends on the artist, and some may not be listed ever again. If you get to the sale too late and before I've updated, just leave a comment and I'll make it a priority.

Sale ends on May 11 and the shirts are $17 each. Clicking on the link above will take you to the collection if neither of my favorites makes you giggle uncontrollably. As You Wish by CuckooArtDesign gives what many would consider a fitting end to Jar Jar. I didn't hate him when the movie came out, but I was younger and I think I gave him a lot of slack because I was just caught up in the pretty ships, pretty light sabers, and pretty Liam Neeson. (I think Key & Peele agree he's awesome.) But now I get it. And Beach Hutt Jabba by sketchboy01 gets rid of those pesky droids. Ooh, so basically I'm rooting for the bad guys. I seem to do that a lot... Just kidding about the droids, though. Who doesn't love R2? But how cute is that Jabba? He's just having a good old time.

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