Hillywood Show SPN ParodyFan Video


Taking time out of my busy day to show you my new favorite thing since last night. I thought it might be terrible. I was reluctant to watch since parodies are not always too nice and I wasn't in the mood to be put in a bad mood. But Tim Omundson responded to it positively.

So I thought, what could it really hurt to at least see a bit? It's not like I have to keep watching if I hate it. When it started, I wasn't too sure what the hell I was seeing. Then I started giggling a bit. I was surprised to see Osric Chau. (As Sam!) Then there were Mark Pellegrino, Tahmoh Penikett, and Sebastian Roche. Big smile on my face by then. When Tim-O, Jensen, Jared, and Misha showed up, I started cracking up. I knew there was a reason I love Supernatural. This cast is so much fun and not only on the show. They have a lot of heart and freely gave some of their time to the ladies of The Hillywood Show to make this ridiculously entertaining video. One of the best parts for me was the recreation of Jensen's old yet still hilarious Eye of the Tiger outtake.


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