Please Excuse My Mess


I'll be changing my template today. This blog has had only two looks since it started, and I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I found a great template called Magnet last summer. I kept putting off this change because of work, t-shirts and shows I had to write about, and just life in general. But apparently that was just an excuse. I've been playing around with things seriously this last week, even though I was busy, and started wondering why I didn't just do this months ago. I've been working with the template in my test blog for quite a while. All I really have to do is copy and paste some code I need for the rotating quote banners at the top (which at the moment I've only made two of) and a dropdown list of favorites I want to put in the sidebar. Then after uploading the template I have to fix all the widgets, because Blogger likes to rearrange, reset and double.

So what was really holding me back? That list I mentioned. I could never decide whether to stop at something like ten favorites in each category or just do everything. Series like Fringe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Blacklist, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and The Walking Dead have to be on there. When I was done filling it with dramas, I realized there was no room for comedies, like Archer, Friends, and Arrested Development. So then I started removing shows and it just didn't feel right. Then I separated it into comedies and dramas, but do I have enough truly favorite comedies to fill my top ten? Maybe, but I stopped thinking about it when I put a hold on finishing the list a few months ago. It's like this for every category. I think I'm done and then I just can't decide one movie over another, one band over another, one actor over another. Then I cheat and combine series of movies together, or put two (or three!) actors into one slot because they were in the same show and all equally fantastic. So I thought I solved the problem by creating pages where I can just list everything else I love. That, as you could probably imagine, took much longer and also isn't finished. It's all a mess that's agonizingly close to and yet so far from complete.

Oh, and because Kyle MacLachlan's performance in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was one of the finest I've seen from anyone in anything, I finally watched him in Twin Peaks, after waiting for more than two decades. And now I've got another favorite show and actor to fit into the already overstuffed list.

Edit: I'm nearly done! Fixed everything I could today. The only thing that's really bugging me is the white space between the header and the quote banner in Firefox and IE. No problem at all in Chrome. I don't have time to figure that one out. I've already fooled with it enough. I might just ask the developer of the theme. I'm using the premium paid version now, so I get to do that.


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