Kyle MacLachlan On Inside Out & Twin Peaks


Just getting distracted from work again. A couple hours ago Kyle MacLachlan tweeted that he was about to do a live streaming interview on AOLBuild. I couldn't pass that up. Of course I could have waited until I had free time, but then I might forget, and I really love watching live. Still, I have to watch this again later, because the stream went out a few times. :(

In the seemingly shortest half-hour ever, Kyle talks about his excitement over the return of Twin Peaks and his new movie Inside Out, which he genuinely seems to love. In a previous interview he said he cried a few times during the movie, and here he reiterates how it made him feel and talks about being a father himself. (Aww. Look at that smile.) So, yes, Pixar is doing it to us again. Remember how you felt at the beginning of Up or the end of Wall-E, when Dory couldn't remember Nemo or when Sully said goodbye to Boo? Just assume you should bring tissues if your heart isn't made of stone.

One my favorite moments was the last question, where Kyle's wife asked what he was making for dinner. Unexpected and funny. Now all I can think of is wine and chicken. We're actually having chicken tonight. I always forget the wine, though, because we don't often have the good stuff. Connecticut Valley Winery so far has the only red that I would fight someone for. (Really, I would get on a horse and joust you for all of their wines.) I will likely never get the opportunity to try Pursued By Bear, though, which is a bit sad. Anyway, I'll shut up now and you can watch the video.


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