Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Laws of Nature
Season 3, Episode 1 Recap & Live Cast Reactions


You have shown so much heart never giving up on Simmons, and I will always, always respect you for it. But look around. We need you. We need that big brain of yours, and that heart, here.
~ Coulson to Fitz

It's just the first episode back and Agents of SHIELD really hit the ground running. I have never been disappointed in this show. And if it continues as it always has, with compelling people and stories, I never will be. I couldn't ask for any more out of this terrific group of actors that put all they have into scenes like this.

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That one should have been tagged with #AgentsOfFeels. If you didn't see the premiere, Fitz is screaming "DO SOMETHING" at the Kree monolith that took Simmons. He screams it over and over. MAOS usually shatters expectations, stays alive and interesting by being unpredictable. But when it comes to emotions, they shatter your chest by being a mirror to your own experience of being human. I knew how Fitz was going to react to what Coulson was telling him, that the tears would well in his eyes as he tried not to take it in, that he would try to get the monolith to take him, too, and the words he would say. After everything Fitz had been through and all the months he'd spent trying to find Simmons, this promised to be a very real, tears streaming down your face moment, and this show does real moments so well.

This was my reaction to it.

Okay, no more sadness. The cast live tweeted the episode, as they tend to do, from Yahoo!, which is new. Here are a few of my favorites that sum up nicely why I love these people. For the rest, check out the great SHIELD TV. They did a lot of work collecting all those.

It starts with a toilet joke by Clark. Classy. LOL. Hmm, those things could probably come in handy.

That is closely followed by Brett being all punny again. He really abuses his superpower. That Zephyr One is a beauty, but I miss the Bus. Poor Bus.

So, Fitz is going after "one last thing" in trying to get Jemma back. And we get a small, cute, Scottish 007. That nothing left to lose attitude was just bad-ass and sad and lovely, because he loves Jemma so much.

Why is Clark Gregg so awesome? Tweets like this. Seriously, he uses "bae" in the best way ever. I can't stop laughing. And, of course, they way he plays Coulson. That would be more than enough, but he's also silly and has such a warmth about him.

There's no way I could leave this tweet off the list, because I agree completely. Clark looks great in a suit, but suits have that tendency with almost anyone. When someone can dress more casually and look even better, I really love that. Suited up Coulson is cool. Just-a-regular-guy Coulson is sexy.

And then this respsonse. xD

More Brett Dalton mischief. There was a cute moment where Chloe was kissing Brett, but this was the funnier one. And you can hear Clark in the background commenting on the big, blue Bob Marley.

And then the end of the episode where Fitz thought he had something that would finally crack the mystery of the monolith and what happened to Simmons. He had this small cylinder and inside was a simple message. All it said was "Death." Then Coulson tries to comfort Fitz and get him to see that it's time to let go, to come back to the team, to get him focused on something else so he can start to heal. Coulson gently squeezes Fitz's shoulder and leaves the room. Then a devastated Fitz confronts the monolith as his last resort. And an entire fandom cried...AGAIN.

Clark Gregg should have an Emmy for his "Agents of Nothing" speech in "Providence." Kyle MacLachlan and Chloe Bennet should have Emmys for their goodbye scene in "S.O.S Part 2." And Iain De Caestecker should get an Emmy for his breakdown in "Laws of Nature." Basically, this series and these tremendous actors are sadly overlooked...and, as a fantasy superhero show, always will be.

Well, that's just about it. To wrap this up, here are some of my tweets from the episode. I love live tweeting, but I also kind of hate it. I get to see all these great comments from the cast, but I also end up missing little references here and there because I'm busy writing about the last thing. And most of the time I'm not exactly live, so I'm tweeting about things people have seen already and basically talking to myself.


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